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Robot Learning

CS Ph.D. student


I'm a first-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, advised by Prof. Yunzhu Li. I received Master of Science degree from Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at University of California, San Diego (UCSD), advised by Prof. Xiaolong Wang. Prior to joining UCSD, I worked as a research assistant in the Lab of Flexible Sensors and Intelligent Interaction with Prof.Geng Yang at Zhejiang University.

My research interests lie in Robotics, Dexterous Manipulation, Reinforcement Learning, Control, Motion Planning. My research goal is to develop a robust robotic system that can function similarly to humans and possess a deep understanding of its surrounding environment - not just visually but also through touch and other physical cues.

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Dynamic Handover: Throw and Catch with Bimanual Hands
Binghao Huang*, Yuanpei Chen*, Tianyu Wang, Yuzhe Qin, Yaodong Yang, Nikolay Atanasov, Xiaolong Wang.
Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL), 2023
[webpage] [arxiv] [code]

AnyTeleop: A General Vision-Based Dexterous Robot Arm-Hand Teleoperation System
Yuzhe Qin, Wei Yang, Binghao Huang, Karl Van Wyk, Hao Su, Xiaolong Wang, Yu-Wei Chao, Dietor Fox
Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS), 2023
[webpage] [paper]

Rotating without Seeing: Towards In-hand Dexterity through Touch
Zhao-Heng Yin*, Binghao Huang*, Yuzhe Qin, Qifeng Chen, Xiaolong Wang.
Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS), 2023
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DexPoint: Generalizable Point Cloud Reinforcement Learning for Sim-to-Real Dexterous Manipulation
Yuzhe Qin*, Binghao Huang*, Zhao-Heng Yin, Hao Su, Xiaolong Wang.
Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL), 2022
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Learning Continuous Grasping Function with a Dexterous Hand from Human Demonstrations
Jianglong Ye*, Jiashun Wang*, Binghao Huang, Yuzhe Qin, Xiaolong Wang.
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters(RA-L), 2023
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Robot Systems

Tactile Dexterous Manipulation System

If you want to know more about how tactile sensors can benefit your robot system, feel free to contact me. Here, we propose Touch Dexterity, a new dexterous manipulation system to perform in-hand object rotation with only touch sensing. On the left, we show our hardware setup with 16 FSR sensors attached to an Allegro hand.

Hardware Setup

In-hand Object Rotation

Contact Signal Simulation

Bimanual Hand Robot System

We propose Dynamic Handover, a new bimanual dexterous hands system designed for throwing and catching tasks. The system consists of two Allegro Hands, each individually attached to a separate XArm robot, arranged in a facing configuration.

Hardware Setup

Throwing and Catching in Real

System in Simulation

Humanoid Robot with Peception and Navigation

I have experience in developing a ROS-based control pipeline for a navigation system that utilizes 2D Lidar and depth cameras. Additionally, I have designed a vision-based tracking method that leverages object detection algorithms to enable obstacle avoidance for mobile robots. [paper] [code]

Hardware Setup

Navigation in SImulation

Navigation in Real World

Professional Service

• Conference Reviewer: IROS, ICRA
• Journal Reviewer: IEEE RA-L
• Workshop Organizer: Learning Dexterous Manipulation @RSS 2023
• Invited Speaker: Talk @ Facebook AI Research(FAIR)


Robotics Video Channel

In addition to my research in Robotics, I am also a content creator with a strong passion for sharing my knowledge of the field. I currently manage a Robotics Video Channel with over 63,000 followers and 4 million views in total. One of my Most Popular Video, which discusses robots combined with brain-computer interfaces, has garnered over 1.84 million views and is widely recognized within the field.

Motor Augmentation


Soft Robot

Sad Stories with Robots

I possess practical experience in both building and repairing a wide range of robotic equipment. In doing so, I have encountered and addressed various dangerous situations, including instances where a robot lost control, a robot motor caught on fire, and a gearbox became damaged.

Mobile Robot on Fire

Mobile Robot Repairing

Allegro Hand Repairing

NEXTEV Formula Student Electric China (FSEC),Sep 2017

In, Nextev Formula Student Electric China (FSEC) team, I took on the role of designing the steering system for our formula car. The patent, titled "A Kind of University Student's Equation Motorcycle Race Steering, Manufacture and Its Installation Method," was granted under the number 2017105998790.1.
[Google Patent], [pdf]

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Credit: web source from Dr. Songfang Han