I am a second-year Master student majoring in Mechanical Engineering at University of California, San Diego (CA, US) advised by Prof. Xiaolong Wang.

My interested research areas include Robotics, Dexterous manipulation, Reinforcement Learning, Control, Motion Planning, Building robotic simulation environment. My research goal is to build the Robust Robot system that can work like humans or have a strong understanding of their surrounding environments, not only in vision but also in contact and other physical information.

I am also a content creator in Robotics with 63000+ followers. [My Video Channel].

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Professional Service

• Conference Reviewer: IROS 2023


Robotics Video Channel

Unlike the Robotics research mentioned above, I am also a content creator with a passion for spreading robotics knowledge. I have a Robotics Video Channel with 63000+ followers. One of the most Widely Knwon Video has 1.84+ million views, talking about robot combined with brain-computer interface.

Humanoid Robot with Peception and Navigation

I developed a ROS-based control pipeline for the navigation system combined with 2D Lidar and depth camera; designed a vision tracking method for obstacle avoidance of a mobile robot by using object detection algorithm. [paper] [code]

Sad Stories with Robots

I have built and emergently reqaired a variety of robotic equipments. Also, I have dealt with many dangerous situations, such as a robot losing control, a robot motor on fire, and damaged gearbox.

NEXTEV Formula Student Electric China (FSEC),Sep 2017

I have joined the Nextev Formula Student Electric China (FSEC) in 2017. In the team, I am in charge of the steering system design part in the team, completed engineering drawing, commissioned factory processing, and finally assembled with other departments into a formula car. Also, Applied for a patent: A kind of university student's equation motorcycle race steering, manufacture and its installation method :2017105998790.1.
[Google Patent], [pdf]

Update: 2023.3

Credit: web source from Dr. Songfang Han